2018.01.02Dr. Ching Hao Chang張景皓
IFW Dresden (Germany) 德國萊布尼茲固態物理與材料研究所
Large and anisotropic magnetoresistance caused by magnetic orbits in tubular nanoarchitectures
2017.12.26Prof. Yi-Fan Chen 陳儀帆
Lipid membrane fusion and the dynamics-elasticity coupling of lipid membranes
2017.12.19Prof. Kenta Shigaki
Dept. of Physics, Hiroshima University, Japan
Physics of Quark Matter and Research Activities in Japan
2017.12.12Prof. Chii-Dong Chen 陳啟東
Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica 中央研究院物理研究所
2017.12.05Chia-Lung Hsieh謝佳龍
中央研究院 原子與分子科學研究所
Ultrahigh-speed optical microscope imaging reveals nanoscopic dynamics in live cells
2017.11.28Prof. Guey-Lin Lin 林貴林
High Energy Astrophysical Neutrinos and New Physics
2017.11.21Prof. Bin-hong Yeh 葉炳宏
Metal oxide fabrication and application
2017.11.14Prof. Tsunglin Liu 劉宗霖
Application of next-generation sequencing in biological studies
2017.11.07Prof. Yuanbo Zhang
Shanghai Fudan University
The Advent of Two-dimensional Materials
2017.10.31Prof. Yoshiaki Teranishi 寺西慶哲
Highly nonlinear molecular processes by intense femto second laser field
2017.10.24Prof. Liang-Yan Hsu 許良彥
Photon-Assisted Electron Transport through Nanoscale Devices
2017.10.17Prof. Stathes Paganis (裴思達)
Higgs Boson: the road to new Physics
2017.10.03Prof. Hung-Wen Li 李弘文
Single-molecule studies of DNA recombinases and their regulation
2017.09.26Prof. Tay-Rong Chang 張泰榕
Topological materials and topological band theory
2017.09.19Prof. Chi-Ming Chen 陳啟明
Unsupervised Learning of Complex Networks
2017.09.12蔡馨慧 心理師
2017.06.06Prof. Chyh-Hong Chern(陳智泓)
Department of Physics, NTU
Quantum Correlation
2017.05.23Dr. Jon T. Hougen
National Institute of Standards and Technology,USA
An Effective Hamiltonian Approach to Calculating Rotational Energy Levels of CH5+, using Ideas from Atomic Spectroscopy
2017.05.16Prof. Ling Chao(趙 玲)
Department of Chemical Engineering,NTU
Developing Supported Lipid Bilayer Platforms as a Drug Screening Tool
2017.05.09Prof. Hoi, Io Chun(許耀銓)
Department of Physics, NTHU
Quantum optics with propagating microwaves in superconducting circuits
2017.05.02Prof.Wei, Zung-Hang(衛榮漢) Department of Power Mechanical Engineering,NTHU Magnetic micro-/nano- structures for bio-manipulations
2017.04.25Prof.Cheung, Kingman(張敬民)
Department of Physics, NTHU
Ultralight Axion Dark Matter — Impact on Dark Halo Structure
2017.04.18Prof.Chia-Fu Chou(周家復)
Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica
Nanostructure-enabled platforms for molecular analysis and bacteria study
2017.03.28Prof. Han Hsu(徐翰)
Department of Physics, NCU
Latest first-principles studies of spin-crossover minerals in the Earth's lower mantle
2017.03.21Prof. Wen, Wen-Yu(溫文鈺)
Department of Physics, CYCU
Thermodynamic metric of black holes
2017.03.14Prof. Meiying Hou(厚美瑛)
Institute of Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences
Granular matter in low gravity
2017.03.07Prof.Shin-Nan Yang(楊信男)
Department of Physics, NTU
How physics comes to sing in mathematical tune
2017.02.21Prof. Daw-Wei Wang(王道維)
Department of Physics, NTHU
Emergence of a Metallic Quantum Solid Phase in a Rydberg-Dressed Fermi Gas
2017.02.14Prof. Chen, Yung-Fu (陳永富)
Department of Physics, NCU
Fluctuation and perpetual motion in a nonequilibrium electrical RC circuit
2017.01.03prof. Chen,Yeng-Long (陳彥龍)
Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica
Faster transport in more crowded environments -- A study of DNA in micropost array
2016.12.27Prof. Chien Chun Chen (陳健群)
Department of Physics, NSYSU
Identification of Coordinates and Elements at Single-Atom Level
2016.12.20Prof. Luo pei-ling(羅佩凌)
Max-Planck Institute of Quantum Optics
Broadband molecular fingerprinting with dual-comb spectrometer
2016.12.13Prof.Jiunn-Wei Chen (陳俊瑋)
Department of Physics, NTU
What can atomic physics contribute to neutrino and light dark matter detections?
2016.12.06Prof. Chan, Jerry Chun Chung (陳振中)
Department of Chemistry, NTU
Solid-state NMR Studies of the Aggregation of Amyloidogenic Peptides
2016.11.29Prof. Aurelien Bruyant
U. of Technology of Troyes
Local optical mapping of photonic devices and materials
2016.11.22林松福 董事長
2016.11.15Prof. Chen, Bor-Sen (陳博現)
Department of Electrical Engineering,NTHU
The Stochastic Evolutionary Game for a Population of Biological Networks under Natural Selection
2016.11.08Prof. Yu-Miin Sheu (許鈺敏)
NCTU Electrophysics
Photo-creating supercooled spiral-spin states in a multiferroic manganite
2016.11.01Prof. Yi-Chia Chou (周苡嘉)
NCTU Electrophysics
Growth kinetics and phase transformation of semiconductor nanowires
2016.10.25Prof. Jung-Chi Liao (廖仲麒)
Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academia Sinica
Superresolution Microscopy for Bioimaging
2016.10.18王郁琦 總經理
從物理到管理 - 我的經驗分享
2016.10.11Prof. Otto C.W. Kong (江祖永)
Department of Physics, NCU
Quantum Mechanics Says the Physical Space is not Three Dimensional
2016.10.04Prof. Ssu-Yen Huang (黃斯衍)
Department of Physics, NTU
Intriguing spin current phenomena of the spin Seebeck effect
2016.09.27Prof. Hwang,Ing-Shouh (黃英碩)
Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica
Adsorption and ordering of nitrogen and oxygen at the graphite/water interfaces
2016.09.20Prof. Yonggun Jun (田溶根)
Department of Physics, NCU
Information and Thermodynamics:Experimental verification of Landauer's principle