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Colloquium20201006-Zebrafish in regeneration research

Colloquium Department of Physics, NCU   Zebrafish in regeneration research   陳振輝博士 (Dr. Chen-Hui Chen) 中央研究院細胞與個體生物學研究所 (Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology (ICOB), Academia Sinica)   Date 2020.10.06 (Tue) Place S4-625 Time 14:00-16:00   Abstract: Unlike mammals, adult teleost zebrafish and urodele amphibians are able to regenerate complex tissues, including the heart, spinal cord, and… Read more »

As of 2013, the department appoints 15 professors, 10 associate professors, and 9 assistant professors; in addition to 5 joint academic staff with Institute of Astronomy, Institute of Space Science, Electrical Enginerring Department and Material Science department; 6 joint academic staff with Academia Sinica and 1 joint staff with National Synchrotron Radiation Research ...Read more »
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The department was founded in 1968, and initially it was divided between the Physics group and the Earth Science group, which later became the Earth Science Department in 1976. In 1977, the department introduced the MSc program by the Graduate Institue of Physics and Astronomy, however the Astronomy Group was established as the Graduate Institute of Astronomy ...Read more »
The department faculty has been always excellent and passionate in teaching and research work, and results have been outstanding. In 2012, the department has published 206 papers in SCI publications, in which 26 are published in the highly rated Physical Review Letters, ranking the top in the country. Research grants by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) amounts to ...Read more »