Previous Chairs

Chiang-Mei Chen

Term of service: 2021.08.01-present
Biography: Ph.D., Department of Theoretical Physics, Moscow State University (1999)
Research Area: Gravitation,Cosmology,String Theory

Shih-Hung Chen

Term of service: 2017.08.01-2021.07.31
Biography: Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering, National Tsing Hua University
Research Area: Plasma Physics High Performance Computing Microwave Physics

Hsuan-Yi Chen

Term of service: 2016.08.01-2018.07.31
Biography: Ph.D. in Physics, University of Pittsburgh, U.S.A.
Research Area: Statistical Physics, Theoretical Soft Condensed Matter Physics

Meng-Fan Luo

Term of service: 2013.08.01-2016.07.31
Biography: BSc in Physics, National Taiwan University
Research Area: Surface science, Nano-scale physics

Peilong Chen

Term of service: 2010.08.01-2013.07.31
Biography: Ph.D. in Physics, California Institute of Technology, U.S.A.
Research Area: Pattern Formation, Complex Systems

Pik-Yin Lai

Term of service: 2007.08.01-2010.07.31
Biography: Ph.D. in Physics, University of Pittsburgh, U.S.A.
Research Area: Soft Condensed Matter Physics,
Complex Fluids, Statistical Physics, Biophysics

Y. H. Chang

Term of service: 2002.09.10-2007.07.31
Biography: Ph.D. in Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S.A.
Research Area: High Energy Physics Experiments

Min-Sheng Wang

Term of service: 2000.08.01-2002.09.09
Research Area: 量子量度理論,

W.H. Li

Term of service: 1997.10.01-2000.07.31
Biography: Ph. D. , Physics , Northeastern University
Research Area: Magnetic Superconductors, Neutron Beam Scattering,
Low Temperature Technologies, Raman Scattering

Lin I

Term of service: 1995.08.01-1997.09.30
Biography: Ph. D. , Physics , Rutgers University,
Academician of Academia Sinica
Research Area: Plasma Physics,
Thin Film Physics and Technologies,
Complex Systems

S. K. Lai

Term of service: 1992.08.01-1995.07.31
Biography: Ph.D in Physics, University of Waterloo, Canada
Research Area: Condensed Matter Sciences

T.M. Hsu

Term of service: 1989.08.01-1992.07.31
Research Area: Condensed Matter Science, Semiconductor Photonics

Lee, K. C.

Term of service: 1986.08.01-1989.07.31
Research Area: Laser Spectroscopy, Surface Physics, Condensed Matter Science

Tseng, H. K.

Term of service: 1980.08.01-1986.07.31
Research Area: Atomic Physics, Quantum Electrodynamics

Nee, Tsu Wei

Term of service: 1977.08.01-1980.07.31

Chao Hsu

Term of service: 1975-1977

San-Chi Hu

Term of service: 1971-1975

Dai Yun Guei

Term of service: 1968-1970