Chun-Chuen Yang


Chun-Chuen Yang


Office Phone
+886-3-4227151 ext 65322 
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Magnetic and Nano physics Lab


  • Professor, Department of Physics, Nation Central University


  • B.Sc. in physics, National Central University (1994/9~1998/6)
  • M. Sc in physics, National Central University (1998/9~2000/6)
  • Ph.D. in physics, National Central University (2000/9~2004/6)


  • AONSA Executive Committee (2020/01 -present)
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica (2004/10~2009/7)
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Chung Yuan Christian University (2009/8~2015/7)
  • Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Chung Yuan Christian University (2015/8~2020/7)
  • Professor, Department of Physics, Chung Yuan Christian University (2020/8~2022/7)
  • Dean of Office of Career Develop (2020/08~2022/07)
  • Director, Center of Educational Development for Science and Humanities, Chung Yuan Christian University (2013/06~2016/07)
  • Director, Center of Student Learning Development, Chung Yuan Christian University (2015/09~2016/03)
  • President, Taiwan Neutron Science Society (2020/10~present)
  • Vice-President, Taiwan Neutron Science Society (2018/10~2020/09)
  • Secretary General, Taiwan Neutron Science Society (2016/10~2018/09)
  • Editor in Chief, Physics Bimonthly (2020/01~2022/06)

Research Area

  • Magnetism / Nano-Physics / Neutron Scattering / Ion-Batteries / Thermoelectric materials

Research Project

112新型尖晶石材料Tm3Tm'3O8 (Tm/Tm' =3d過渡金屬)之磁、電、結構交互作用研究2023/08/01~2024/07/31
111新型過渡金屬尖晶石材料Tm3V3O8 (Tm = Cr、Mn、Fe、Co、Ni、Cu、Zn)之物性研究2022/08/01~2023/07/31


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