Wei-Yen Woon


Wei-Yen Woon


Office Phone
+886-3-4227151 ext 65339 
Lab Phone
+886-3-4227151 ext 65399 


Condense Lab


  • Professor, NCU Dept. of Physics


  • B.Sc. in physics, National Central University (1994/10~1998/6)
  • M. Sc in physics, National Central University (1998/9~2000/7)
  • Ph.D. in physics, National Central University (2001/9~2005/1)


  • Research Assistant, Academia Sinica (2000/8~2001/8)
  • Principal Engineer, R & D, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (2005/9~2008/8)
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, National Central University (2008/8~ )

Research area

Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Soft Condensed Matter Physics

Research project

103塊材與低微度材料的缺陷物理: 石墨烯, 矽, 鍺, 碳化矽與氧化鋅2014/08/01~2017/07/31
100離子佈植矽的再結晶 : 非線性動力學研究2011/08/01~2014/07/31


論文標題 出版期刊 出版年度
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