Probing Cell Wall Growth

Nature Communications, 12, 2160 (2021)

Yi-Jen Sun, Fan Bai, An-Chi Luo, Xiang-Yu Zhuang, Tsai-Shun Lin, Yu-Cheng Sung, Yu-Ling Shih & Chien-Jung Lo

Probing bacterial cell wall growth by tracing wall-anchored protein complexes

細菌怎麼一邊生長一邊維持外型呢? 細菌細胞壁的動態組裝是細菌生長時維持外型的重要關鍵。我們發明一個新實驗方法來量測細菌生長時生長區、非生長區和分裂區的高解析動態。我們也建立一個數學模型來預測表面固定蛋白在細胞分裂後的位置分配。這個結果告訴我們細菌可以簡單並且有效地平均分配表面固定蛋白給下一代。

Dynamic cell wall assembly is key to cell shape maintenance during bacterial growth. Here, we present a method that allows high-resolution analysis of active and inert zones of cell wall growth during bacterial elongation. We also formulate a mathematical model to predict the even partitioning of cell wall-anchored proteins following cell division.