More then the molecular currency

Molecular Cell, 73, 143-156 (2019)

Yingying Pu, Yingxing Li, Xin Jin, Tian Tian, Qi Ma, Ziyi Zhao, Ssu-yuan Lin, Zhanghua Chen, Binghui Li, Guang Yao, Mark C. Leake, Chien-Jung Lo, and Fan Bai

ATP-Dependent Dynamic Protein Aggregation Regulates Bacterial Dormancy Depth Critical for Antibiotic Tolerance


We introduced a concept of ‘‘dormancy depth’’ that provides a unifying framework for understanding both persisters and viable but non-culturable cells. Subsequent mechanistic investigations revealed how ATP-dependent dynamic protein aggregation regulates cellular dormancy and resuscitation, the fine control of which facilitates bacterial drug tolerance.