Complicated transitions of Earth materials at ultrahigh pressure of exoplanet interiors

Nat. Commun. 13, 2780 (2022)

Han Hsu & Koichiro Umemoto

Structural transition and re-emergence of iron's total electron spin in (Mg,Fe)O at ultrahigh pressure

中央大學物理系徐翰教授主導國際合作,以第一原理計算探討 (Mg,Fe)O 在超高壓力下的物理性質,闡明 (Mg,Fe)O 在系外行星內部極端條件下所發生的結構、電子自旋態、以及金屬–絕緣體相變。其計算結果顯示:鐵及自旋態轉變,可顯著影響系外行星之內部性質,且影響壓力範圍巨大。

Via DFT calculations, Prof. Han Hsu and colleagues showed that (Mg,Fe)O, a major constituent of terrestrial exoplanets, undergoes complicated structural, spin, and metal–insulator transitions at ultrahigh pressure, significantly affecting the properties of exoplanet interiors.