The physical systems we are interested share the common properties of being complex interacting systems. These systems have the common properties of having a large number of degrees of freedom in which cooperative effects and nonlinearity play vital roles. These systems often exhibit unusual and rich physically interesting phenomena and are often very useful in industrial application in modern sciences and technologies. The study of complex systems often require cross-disciplinary research methods and scientific knowledge, ranging from mathematics to biology. The research areas can be reflected from the following list of experimental/theoretical research laboratories associated with the Center for Complex Systems:


-Former Director-

(2007~) 陳培亮 教授 Peilong Chen

-Other Members-

Fang-Yu Chen 陳方玉 Physics, NCU

Ya-Wei Hsueh 薛雅薇 Physics, NCU

Lin I 伊林 Physics, NCU

Heng-Kwong Tsao 曹琤 Chemical Eng., NCU

San-Kiong Lai 賴山強 Physics, NCU

Chi-Keung Chan 陳志強BioPhys., NCU & Phys., AS

Min-Sheng Wang 王敏生 Physics, NCU

Kwan-tai Leung 梁鈞泰 BioPhys., NCU & Phys., AS

Cheng-Hsun Nien 粘正勳 Physics, NCU

Keng-hui Lin 林耿慧 BioPhys., NCU & Phys., AS

Meng-Fan Luo 羅夢凡 Physics, NCU

Ling-Ni Hau 郝玲妮 Space Science, NCU

Chung-Ming Ko 高仲明 Physics, NCU

Suh-Yuh Yang 楊肅煜 Statistics, NCU

Hsuan-Yi Chen 陳宣毅 Physics, NCU

Tzong-Shan Tsou 鄒宗山 Statistics, NCU

Huen-Kwong Leung 梁鍹廣 Physics, NCU

Tsai-Hung Fan 樊采虹 Statistics, NCU

James Nester 聶斯特 Physics, NCU

Cheng-Hsiung Hsu 許正雄 Mathematics, NCU

Y.R. Lin-Liu 林留玉仁 Physics, NCU

Jann-Long Chern 陳建隆 Mathematics, NCU

Chi-Lun Lee 李紀倫 Physics, NCU

Ming-Chya Wu 吳明佳 RCADA, NCU

Center for Complex Systems
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