Colloquium20200922-High-Coherence Fluxonium Superconducting Qubit


Department of Physics, NCU


High-Coherence Fluxonium Superconducting Qubit


Prof. Yen-Hsiang Lin (林晏詳教授)

Dept. of Physics, NTHU (清華大學物理學系)


Date 2020.09.22 (Tue)

Place S4-625

Time 14:00-16:00


Abstract: Quantum superconducting circuits based on Josephson tunnel junctions have become a leading platform in the subjects of quantum information. By inserting a Josephson junction array served as an inductance, a fluxonium superconducting qubit has several extraordinary properties including extra degree of freedom for engineering, tunable multi-level spectrum with large anharmonicity. In this talk, I will present most recent results of superconducting fluxonium qubits with coherence times largely limited by energy relaxation and reproducibly satisfying T2echo>100μs. I will also discuss how the unique to fluxonium combination of long coherence time and large anharmonicity can benefit on building hardware for quantum information science.