Colloquium20200915-Exploring Physics and Chemistry of Matter at Extremes

Department of Physics, NCU

Exploring Physics and Chemistry of Matter at Extremes

Prof. Jung-Fu Lin (林俊孚)
Department of Geological Sciences and Texas Materials Institute
The University of Texas at Austin (德州大學奧斯汀分校)

Date 2020.09.15 (Tue)
Place S4-625
Time 14:00-16:00

Abstract: Materials in our daily lives occur at ambient conditions. However, most materials in the universe exist in extreme pressure up to hundreds of gigapascals via self compression induced by naturally-occuring gravitational force. Physics and chemistry of matter at extreme pressures can be drastically different from those at ambient conditions. In this presentation, I will discuss three recent scientific achievements to highlight new perspectives of condensed matter physics at high pressure:
(1). Near-room temperature superconducting transition (Tc) from molecular hydrogen, the most abundant and perhaps simple element of the universe, to metallic hydrogen or hydrides;
(2). Formation of high-energy single-bonded hexazine (N-N in N6 ring) from triple bonded nitrogen (N≡N), the most abundant element in the atmosphere;
(3). Energy source powering the geodynamo from studying thermal transport properties and Wiedemann-Franz Law of iron, the most abundant transition metal of the planet.