Colloquium20200616-A simple model of a cardiac cell

Department of Physics, NCU

A simple model of a cardiac cell

Prof. Wu, Kuo-An (吳國安)
Department of Physics, NTHU

Date 2020.06.16 (Tue)
Place S4-625
Time 13:30-15:00

Abstract: It is vital to understand the dynamics of a cardiac cell, in particular, the mechanism of cardiac alternas, which is believed to be closely associated with the fatal heart condition ventricular fibrillation. In the past, typical mathematical models for dynamics of a cardiac cell involve intricate interplay between the membrane potential, ion channels, calcium cycling, etc, which would reproduce realistic cardiac responses. However, it is generally complicated to analyze due to its high dimensionality of the phase space. Hence, we propose a reduced model derived from an existing cardiac ionic model, and show that this three-variable dynamical system retains similar bifurcation behavior as that of the ionic model. It is revealed in our reduced model that the underlying calcium cycling, rather than membrane potential, is responsible for the cardiac alternas. The dynamical response as well as the bifurcation behavior of a cardiac cell are investigated with the proposed reduced model.