Colloquium20191029-Astrophysical Constraints on Fuzzy / Wave Dark Matter


Department of Physics, NCU


Astrophysical Constraints on Fuzzy / Wave Dark Matter



Prof. Hsi-Yu Schive (薛熙于)

Department of Physics, NTU


Date 2019.10.29(Tue)

Time 14:00-16:00

Place S4-625


The conventional cold dark matter (CDM) model still lacks laboratory support and struggles to explain the basic properties of low-mass galaxies. This tension motivates fuzzy/wave dark matter (ψDM) composed of extremely light particles of mass ~10-22 eV, which suppresses structure below the kpc scale by the uncertainty principle but retains the large-scale structure predicted by CDM. I will discuss various astrophysical constraints on this model based on the comparison between numerical simulations and observations, including dwarf galaxy properties, galaxy number count, Lyman-alpha forest, cosmic reionization, and Milky Way center. Especially, I will discuss our most recent work on soliton random motion and the resulting tidal stripping of the central old star cluster in the Eridanus II dwarf galaxy. Finally, I will briefly introduce GAMER, a GPU-accelerated adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) code developed from scratch by our group.