Colloquium20131029-Exploring the nanoscale phenomena by electron tomography and transport measuremen

Department of Physics, NCU

Exploring the nanoscale phenomena by electron tomography and transport measurements

吳憲昌教授(Prof. Cen-shawn Wu)
彰化師範大學物理系(Dept. of Physics , NCUE)

Date 2013.10.29(Tue)
Time 14:00
Place S4-625


Our group is interested in fundamental transport properties of nano-scaled devices and advanced nano-lithographic techniques for fabrication of functional devices and detectors. In this talk, I would like to give an overview of our recent experimental works on in-situ focused electron beam lithography and electron tomography. We show that a transmission electron microscope can be used to fabricate nanostructures and devices on insulating membranes. In addition, I will briefly describe our recent experiments on silicon double quantum dots (QDs). The double QDs conductance was measured as a function of the induced charge on each dot to demonstrate the evolution of the charging diagram with increasing interdot electron tunneling. In addition, we have measured the DC transport characteristics of the coupled QDs under microwave irradiation. Low temperature transport measurement results of the device will be discussed.