Colloquium20201013-Non-equilibrium Quantum Dynamics with BEC


Department of Physics, NCU


Non-equilibrium Quantum Dynamics with BEC


劉怡維 教授 (Prof. Yi- Wei Liu)

國立清華大學物理系(Dept. of Physics, NTHU)


Date 2020.10.13 (Tue)

Place S4-625

Time 14:00-16:00


Abstract: In quantum mechanics, non-equilibrium dynamics is largely unexplored and plays a crucial role in the application of quantum control. To observe time evolution of single quantum system is particularly challenging for experimental implementation, because of its extreme temporal and spatial scale, such as single particle tunneling and dynamics of molecular excitation or relaxation that, although, have been observed statistically. We demonstrate that these phenomena can be studied  in much more details and mimicked using Bose-Einstein condense (BEC). These studied shed a light on several controversial issues in the quantum dynamics.