Colloquium20191217-Optoelectromechanical Oscillators Visualized by Fabry-Perot interference

Department of Physics, NCU

Optoelectromechanical Oscillators Visualized by Fabry-Perot interference

Prof. Chii Dong Chen (陳啟東)
Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica

Date 2019.12.17 (Tue)
Place S4-625
Time 14:00-16:00

Optoelectromechanical oscillators can serve as a transducer to interact parametrically with radio-frequency photons and optical photons, enabling optical light teleportation of the quantum information embedded in a superconducting qubit processor. To this end, a study of the response of the mechanical oscillator under driving is desirable. Observation of resonance modes is the most intuitive way of studying mechanical oscillations because it is at these modes where the system has maximum responses to stimuli. However, a more complete understanding of mechanical motion would be to include responses between these resonance modes, however the inter-mode transition under stimuli is explored neither theoretically nor experimentally. Here we present a study of drum oscillation characteristics under an AC electrical field driving. Graphite and NbSe2 optoelectromechanical oscillation patterns were visualized using Fabry-Perot interference technique. The intermodal transitions were found to be a simple superposition of eigen modes.