Colloquium20150414-Exploration of Molecular and Cellular Biophysics – Cell Division as an Example


Department of Physics, NCU


Exploration of Molecular and Cellular Biophysics – Cell Division as an Example




張宜仁教授 (Yi-Ren Chang)

Department of Physics, NTNU


Date 2015.4.14(Tue)

Time 14:00

Place S4-625





Bacterial cell division, as one of the essential decision for survival, contains multiple process including replication, segregation and separation. To explore the molecular and cellular biophysics in cell division, two of the involved protein systems are studied in vitroand in vivoas examples. As the first, which related to the DNA segregation, we performed single molecule rupture force measurements on the binding of Topoisomerase (TOPO) II to double-stranded DNAby using magnetic tweezers. With a few hundred pulling events, we found the rupture force between wild type TOPOII-DNA complex is ~50pN.  Also, related to the septum formation, we used fluorescence imaging to detail the mode transitions in distinct MinD/E pattern formations and other fluorescence techniques (FRAP, FCS) to probe the organization/interactions of MinD/E assembly in living cells. Our results suggest a new scenario of how MinDE self-organize dynamic patterns and collaborate with nucleoid to maintain quasi-periodic oscillations.