20141126-Mini workshop of soft matter and biophysics

Mini workshop of soft matter and biophysics


Date2014/11/26 ( Wed )






This one-day workshop will discuss current important research topics on soft matter systems and biophysics. Especially active matter, bacterial motility, chemotaxis, tissue dynamics, etc.




09:00-09:10   Opening


09:10-09:50   Harmut Loewen (Duesseldorf)

Nonequilibrium statistical physics of self-propelled colloids


09:50-10:20   Tea break


10:20-11:00   Lin I 伊林 (Natl Central Univ)

Bacterial turbulence reduction by coupled passive particles


11:00-11:40   HK Tsao 曹恆光 (Natl Central Univ)

Entropy-Driven Clustering and Separation of Nanoparticles:Depletion Attraction


11:40-12:20   HR Jiang 江宏仁 (Natl Taiwan Univ)

Optically Driven Fluid Flow by PEG Thermophoretic Drifting


12:20-14:00   Lunch


14:00-14:40   Tatsuo Shibata (RIKEN)

Spatiotemporal dynamics of intracellular signaling process for eukaryotic chemotaxis


14:40-15:20   CJ Lo 羅健榮 (Natl Central Univ)

Dynamics and self-assembly of Bacterial Flagellar Motors


1520-15:50   Tea break


15:50-16:30   PL Chen 陳培亮 (Natl Central Univ)

Tumbling under Shear in low Reynolds Number Fluids, e.g., Micrometer Scale in Water


16:30-17:10   KH Lin 林耿慧 (Academia Sinica)

Taking cell culture to the third dimensionality by negatively curved substrate


17:10-20:00   Dinner ( ONLY for speakers and local professors)


SponsorNational Center for Theoretical Sciences


ContactMs. Meirue Shih