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Colloquium20150407-Spin Hall Effect

Abstract: Spin Hall effect (SHE) refers to the generation of transverse spin current in nonmagnetic solids by an applied electric field due to relativistic spin-orbit coupling. Spin current generation, detection and manipulation are three key elements of the emerging spintronics. Large room temperature SHE not only provides dissipationless spin current but also is used to… Read more »

Colloquium20150303-Insights and mistakes of a legendary genius

Abstract: 2015 is the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s great achievement, his gravity theory, general relativity.  This presentation reviews some of the lesser known history, mostly from a recent book [Ohanion: Einsteins’s Mistakes] described as follows: ”Although Einstein was the greatest genius of the twentieth century, many of his groundbreaking discoveries were blighted by mistakes, ranging… Read more »